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12-09-2009, 12:34
"It's going to be my year" Teixeira confidentially declares

Source: K-1 Official

Will Kyokushin's long-cherished desire finally come true!? "The world's most powerful Kyokushin Champion," Everton Teixeira is to engage Singh "HEART" Jaideep at the "FieLDS K-1 WORLD GP 2009 IN SEOUL -FINAL16-" (Sep 26th, The Olympic Gymnasium 1st in Seoul, South Korea). Whilst he may have missed out on becoming the champion last year, he is overflowing with ambition to accomplish Kyokushin's desire this year!!

"The Monster" is adapting himself to K-1!!

―― For you this opening match at the WGP is going to be your first since you fought against Jerome Le Banner in March.
Teixeira : I'm completely ready to fight in the ring again. I've been practicing so hard for the last 6 months, so I want to prove it.
―― Do you think you are adapting yourself to K-1 better than in the past?
Teixeira : I have been training since I entered K-1, and I feel that I am developing better every time I step into the ring. I upgraded not only my boxing skills, but also my defensive skills. I had really wanted to improve this aspect of my game. In my last game I wasn’t at the ideal level at all. But I tried my best to be as good as possible though.
―― Have you been in Japan for the last 6 months?
Teixeira : Yes, most of the time. I did spend one month in Brazil though. I was training at the gym owned by George Alias. Goerge was formerly a top-level boxer at the international level, and he helped train Fransisco Filio.
―― I heard that you improved you’re your hands quite a lot.
Teixeira : M y body movement and defense skills have improved. It was a great way to brush up my skills. Having a professional boxer as a sparring partner was perfect. I had some great training there.
http://www.k-1.co.jp/en/news/2009/images/0910_wgp_01/ph02.jpg (http://www.k-1.co.jp/en/news/2009/images/0910_wgp_01/ph02b.jpg) http://www.k-1.co.jp/en/news/2009/images/0910_wgp_01/ph03.jpg (http://www.k-1.co.jp/en/news/2009/images/0910_wgp_01/ph03b.jpg) http://www.k-1.co.jp/en/news/2009/images/0910_wgp_01/ph04.jpg (http://www.k-1.co.jp/en/news/2009/images/0910_wgp_01/ph04b.jpg)

Aiming to be the champion for Kyokushin and himself

―― This is your second year in a row fighting at the Final 16. Does this fight hold any special meaning for you?
Teixeira : This is an important match for me. It is the first step to the tournament. I can't move forward if I don't win, and I really want to fight in the finals. I honestly feel I have to win because I have been working so hard for it.
―― Last year you were in the Best 8. How far you want to go this year?
Teixeira : I wanted to be the champion last year, but I failed to make it. I want to be number one this year, of course. I can't entertain any other thoughts.
―― You want to be the WGP Champion because no one from Kyokushin has ever won? Or, do you just want to be number one personally?
Teixeira : Both. If I win, my personal dream comes true. But at the same time, Kyokushin gets the title as well, which is what we have wanted to be able to do. I'm going to continue to do my best to achieve both.
―― And your opponent in this important opening match has been decided. The young Singh "HEART" Jaideep, who was actually the Asian GP Champion.
Teixeira : I watched his fights. He is taller than I, and has longer arms and legs. I think he is really dangerous. I'm going to fight carefully while keeping distancing in mind.
―― How do you think the match is going to go?
Teixeira : Of course I want to knock him out as quickly as I can, but if I move too much I may run out of gass. I want to do my best to win the match at the end, even if I can't knock him out. I want to fight at my own pace.
―― You and Jaideep have a different reach?
Teixeira : Because his reach is long, I'm going to keep the distance and attack him with good timing. And I'll win. (smile)
Be a champion for himself and Kyokushin

―― Who is your rival in this tournament?
Teixeira : I think that the most dangerous fighter among opponents is definitely Remy Bonjasky.
―― He is the last year's champion, isn't he?
Teixeira : He is an experienced fighter, but always regulates his own physical condition well. And he is strong and has plenty of stamina. Most importantly, he is level-headed, and stays that way throughout the night..
―― How about Errol Zimmerman, who was lost in the last year's final round? Do you want to get revenge on him?
Teixeira : Personally, I have no particular interest in fighting against him, but if I have a chance I'd be more than happy to. But if Glaube can defeat him, that's the best situation. (Zimmerman fights against Glaube in the opening match)
―― Are you confident of winning the WGP this year?
Teixeira : I am highly-motivated this year. My condition is 100% and I'm certain that it's going to be my year. I'd love to become the champion. I have great support from my fans, friends and my family. I want to be the champion, because I don't want to disappoint them.
―― So you feel something good is going to happen to you this year?
Teixeira : Yes, this year is going to be my year.
―― What attracts you, as the most powerful Kyokushin champion?
Teixeira : K-1 is the number one martial arts for stand-up techniques. To become the champion of K-1 is my dream, as well as Kyokushin's. That motivates me the most.
―― What kind of match are you going to show us?
Teixeira : Please check out my movement as I want to KO him. See you on the 26th Mr. Singh; in the ring!
―― Thank you. Finally, could you give a message to your fans if you have one?
Teixeira : I really appreciate your support. I'll do my best to win the first match, move on to the finals, and actually get the title. You can count on me. Osu!!■

12-09-2009, 20:44
ja heb deze ook op mijn blog binnen gekregen.. hij moet toch van goeie huize komen om het kampioenschap te winnen.

12-09-2009, 20:52
ik heb hem wel als favoriet voor de laatste 16, maar hangt er vanaf wie hij bij de laatste 8 treft. nr1 dit jaar voor mij = badr

12-09-2009, 20:59
ik verwacht dat die roemeen nog eens goed roet in het eten kan gooien voor iedereen heb diverse gevechten al gezien en die lowkicks van hem zijn vlijmscherp..

12-09-2009, 21:18
ik verwacht dat die roemeen nog eens goed roet in het eten kan gooien voor iedereen heb diverse gevechten al gezien en die lowkicks van hem zijn vlijmscherp..

Ghita is inderdaad een talent, maar die is er nog lang niet...geef 'm een paar jaar en dan kan ie misschien een potje breken.. nu nog niet..

12-09-2009, 21:20
Zei hij dat vorige keer niet al?

12-09-2009, 21:31
Ghita is inderdaad een talent, maar die is er nog lang niet...geef 'm een paar jaar en dan kan ie misschien een potje breken.. nu nog niet..

ik ben benieuwd altijd wel leuk een underdog