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Ivo C.
19-09-2009, 17:46
As I already mentioned a couple of times, politicians in Germany are trying to forbbid MMA.

The UFC has started a Programm, called Vote Pro MMA

This is applicable for Germany but nevertheless every MMA Fan should help.
Each voice counts.

Who ever speaks German can read the site.

Otherwise there are three steps to follow on how to give your support:

Open a new email (´with your email account)
Copy this adress into the field sender: [email protected]
copy the following addresses into the Bcc fields: click and copy (http://www.vote-pro-mma.de/mitmachen/der-schnellste-weg/adressen-der-parteien.html)
and copy this text (http://www.vote-pro-mma.de/mitmachen/der-schnellste-weg/musterbrief.html) into the email and don't forgett to put your name below it.

Your help is much appriciated!:thnx: