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23-10-2009, 12:49
Atty Gol Fight 24 October Against champion of portugal Ricardo Andrade(rematch).

You can see it live at this link

www.scn.pt (http://www.scn.pt)

At 23.00 Local time it's 1 our back so i think it starts at 22.00 Dutch time

24 October the next event organized by Challenge (Pedro Faustino) called Beast Of the Ring will be broadcast in Internet Worldwide by the sports channel SCN Sports, this event his the most important in Portugal so ever, itīs on a mitical Arena of Lisbon where never before a kickboxing event had place, we are proud to be the first oneīs to do it...

This event have the best athletes of Portugal, and count also with the return of the best portuguese fighter ever: Nuno " Lucky Luke " Neves, before retirement Lucky Luke defeated fighters like Mustapha Benshimed, Robert Nimwegen, Munir el Gibli, and several thai fighters... Now Lucky Luke return to fight on the biggest event ever on his country.

The event also count with Atty Gol from Holland, on his 3 time fighting in Portugal and never defeated Atty will fight the new portuguese Star Ricardo Andrade, Andrade cameīs from 6 fights 6 KOīs, and his last defeat was against Atty Gol, so now it will be the Revenge, or NOT...

Portuguese fighter Jose Barradas will fight against the tought Marrocan Fighter Khalid Chabranni, Barradas itīs well knowned in Portugal so the audience expect a lot of this fight.

On the female side thereīs only one fight and it will be a hell of a fight, the portuguese and world Amateur Champion on 07 and 08 Catarina Valerio never defeated in Portugal is fighting the Polish Star Joanna Jedrzejczyk trained by the legend Ernesto Hoost.

And The Rising Star of Portugal Bruno Carvalho is also Fighting, after his fight agaisnt Hafid el Boustati Bruno wantīs to fight until death and prove to the world that heīs ready to fight anyone in the world, after this fight, Bruno flyīs to fight fight in Belgium 21 november, than 12 December in Holland and in 2010 heīs already 4 fightīs schedule, everybody wantīs to see Bruno "The KID" Carvalho in action...
In total are 13 great Fights four all the fans of kickboxing- K1

So if you want to see this great event, made by Challenge and WFCA- Portugal see the link below 24 October at 23:00H local time..

Best Regards

Challenge productions

WFCA Portugal