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    Default Interview Frank Shamrock, oa over Alistair..

    Sherdog: Alistair Overeem.
    Shamrock: A killer. Has the potential to be a superstar, but Im not sure hell do it. If his focus is purely on fighting, he could. But I dont think he sees whats going on in the U.S., the huge growth of the sport. I hope he does. Hes got great technique, hes massive and people love him. He looks the part and can fight. Most big guys cant fight. They look like they can fight, but they cant move. Hes a rare breed. Most big guys dont have to fight people, so they dont have the same urgency to train hard. Ill fight a big guy any day over a medium-sized dude who has to scrap. We Americans, we love the big guy. He could be a huge hit here.

    Het hele interview is hier te lezen: Frank Shamrock’s (Downloadable?) Code
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    M.a.w. Overeem is goed, heeft potentie om nog beter / bekender te worden, maar lijkt zich niet te realiseren dat hij meer MMA moet vechten?

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    ja daar komt het op neer.
    From Best!

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    Wie gaat dit stukje naar Alistair PM'en..

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