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    Default Fedor Emelianenko: i've never considered myself a Legend

    Cage Religion: After going unbeaten for 10 years, you tasted defeat for the first time in your career in June of last year. What did you learn and take away from the losses?

    Fedor: The competition of sport is what motivates me and Ive drawn conclusions on what areas of my training need work. As a competitor, one must always improve; this time I have trained in Holland, in Russia and again at the training camp in Holland. I work with people who are the best in their disciplines and are focused on preparing me for the battle with Dan Henderson.

    Cage Religion: Your last six fights have taken place on American soil, three of which have taken place in a cage. What differences have you noticed in the American mixed martial arts scene as opposed to some of your previous fights, and what are your thoughts on competing in a cage in contrast to a ring?

    Fedor: Fans around the world are all supportive and knowledgeable of the sport; it does not matter where I compete. The ring and the cage offer different elements in their own right but to me it doesnt matter; all I can do is prepare myself to the best of my abilities and everything else is Gods will.

    Cage Religion: Talk a bit about the upcoming fight with Dan Henderson on July 30. He, like yourself, is a veteran with many high profile wins. What are your thoughts on Dan as an opponent?

    Fedor: Dan is an explosive, dangerous fighter and very strong. He uses good striking to attack and looks continue the fight on the ground. He has great speed which his rivals do not expect. Im looking forward to competing against him and I have prepared myself the best I can for when we meet.

    Cage Religion: You've competed as a heavyweight your entire career. Is a drop down to 205 pounds an idea you've ever entertained?

    Fedor: I have competed as a heavyweight all my career and this contest with Dan Henderson will be in this weight class as well. What happens after my match with Dan Henderson is Gods will.

    Cage Religion: Since deciding not to retire, who are some guys you would look forward to facing before your career comes to an end?

    Fedor: To me it does not matter. I enjoy competing in MMA and I will always prepare my best for whoever I am destined to do battle with. Everything else is Gods will.

    Cage Religion: You're one of the most humble fighters in the sport, going as far as saying you wouldn't consider yourself a legend. When you take a step back and reflect on your career, all that you've accomplished, what goes through your mind?

    Fedor: Ive never considered myself as a legend just a simple man with heart who has been blessed to have competed with success. Thanks be to God for providing me these opportunities.

    Cage Religion: When all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered when your career comes to an end?

    Fedor: I am just a simple man with heart who has been blessed to have competed with success. A man motivated by the appreciation of competition and not the accumulation of achievements. Fedor Emelianenko Interview: "I've Never Considered Myself A Legend" ~ Cage Religion
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    Wie wind zaait, zal storm oogsten.

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    juist dit is de juiste mentaliteit..geen grote praatjes ...1!!

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    Fedor is een legende, de enige die dat zo niet zag was hij zelf.
    fedor is de baas!!!

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    bescheiden zoals een echte legende hoort te zijn!

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    Mooi hoe Fedor zo praat, mogen vele vechters een voorbeeld aan nemen.

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    Fedor = GOAT

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    juist Kemal.

    In het rijtje van Bruce Lee, Muhammed Ali, Tyson, Michael Jordan en Micheal Jackson, etc...

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    Fedor is a legend!!!!!!!!!

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