18.th Open European Amateur Shooto Championships 2019

On May 18th 2019 the annual Open European Amateur Shooto Championships will be held in Reutlingen (Germany) under attendance of some high level officials from Japan. Rumina Sato, Takashi Ouchi, Tadashi Yokoyama and Kazuhiro Sakamoto will be in Reutlingen to oversee the development of Shooto in Europe at this event.

Registration for this competition is only available online via Smoothcomp at https://shootoeurope.smoothcomp.com/en/event/921

On the event page at Smoothcomp you can see all necessary information about this event and location and you will find some useful links to book flights if needed and hotels.

For the first time we have added all women's divisions PLUS divisions for female and male Juniors from 15-17 years of age! This will be a great opportunity to compete with your team at a well organized and highly respected MMA event, which is held under the official Shooto rules.

The Amateur Shooto Rules can be found here https://www.e-shooto.com/home/amateur-rules/ in english language and apply for all adult and juniors divisions.

All fights and results will be automatically considered for the European Shooto Rankings.

Finalists in the adults divisions will qualify to compete at this year's annual ALL JAPAN SHOOTO CHAMPIONSHIPS on September 29th in Odawara (Japan) and can fight with the best Shooters on the planet.

All additional info on Shooto in Europe can be found at www.e-shooto.com. All info on Shooto in Japan can be found at www.j-shooto.com.

Please note: ALL participators need to be present at the official weight-ins and medical checkt at 12 p.m. on May 18th in the Wittumhalle in Reutlingen and show a valid ID during check-in process.

We would highly appreciate your support by sharing this information in your country and to befriended martial arts schools.