This Saturday the 6th of July ECE is launched from Tenerife.
An exciting evening of cage action is brought to you. Fighters will battle it out in the ECE cage with MMA gloves.
Join in and watch this history making show:-
Viceland channels KPN 37 and Ziggo 26 in The Netherlands starting from the ECE MMA show at 21.30. (Local Dutch time start 22.30).
And a complimentary stream starting from 20.00 local time (21.00 Dutch time) to launch the first ever ECE event.

ECE FEMALE #1,Tenerife, Spain 06.07.2019
Local start time 20.00 (21.00 Dutch time)

1. 3X5 52Kg ECE MMA
Elizabeth Rodriguez (Venezuela) vs Marta Abelebo Amigo (Spain)

3X5 48Kg ECE MMA

Filipa Gonçalves (Portugal)vsRita Marrero (Spain)
3. 3X3 52Kg Xtreme Stand Up
Emilie Machut (France)vs Cristina Morales (Spain)

4. 3X3 66Kg Xtreme Stand Up
Christina Breuer (Germany)vs Patricia Rodriguez (Spain)

ECE MMA #1, Tenerife, Spain 06.07.2019
Local start time 21.30 (22.30 Dutch time)

1. 3X5 77Kg ECE MMA
Bruno Carvalho (Portugal)vs Simone Bottino (Italy)

2. 3X5 77Kg ECE MMA
Fabrice Yogoue (Spain)3vs Yusef Kaddur (Morroco)

3. 3X5 77Kg ECE MMA
Dragan Pesic (Serbia) vs Kevin Delgado (Spain)

4. 3X5 77 Kg ECE MMA
Melvin Van Suijdam (Holland)vs Juan Suarez (Spain)

ECE Xtreme Stand Up #1 Tenerife, Spain 06.07.2019
Local start time 23.00 (00.00 Dutch time)

1. 3X3 61Kg Xtreme Stand Up
Unai Caro (Spain)vs Carlos Araya Corrales (Spain)

2. 3X3 57Kg Xtreme Stand Up
Victor Helder (Portugal)vs Isaac Araya (Spain)

3. 3X3 70Kg Xtreme Stand Up
Kevin Henneken (Netherlands) vs Nauzet Trujillo (Spain)

4. 3X3 Heavyweight Xtreme Stand Up
Michail Karamousketas (Greece) vs Moises Baute (Spain)