#WuhanVirus, Lies, Manipulation, Propaganda, WHO/CDC “Human Errors”, Incompetence, but there is hope, here is why:

I am sure Hollywood has several scripts now about Pandemics like the well-timed Netflix TV series “pandemic” with tons of virtue signaling and multi – cultural figures! One script I could think about (I heard some rumors) is some Arab guy in the dessert got sick from a strange unknown virus. Dutch researchers send samples to their Canadian research facility which happens to have many Chinese researchers working in the facility. One Chinese employee understands how contagiously and dangerous this virus is and smuggles it out to China and it brought to the Wuhan biological warfare department. They try to develop and antidote before they want to release the virus upon the world except the virus escapes before they produced the anti-dote, or they have the antidote and used their controlled outbreak to not be blamed, naahh that is too much “fantasy” and the real story with WHO and CDC “controlled and paid for by China ordered to lie to the world” or blatant incompetence by morons who spread the message as a “professional”: not to worry about some “small flu” outbreak is probably the right scenario! CDC and WHO why are they lying or is this the biggest human clusterfuck of all time? Read Here: http://basboon.com/?p=7211