KatoBoonFamily Papa Boon wrestles a Funny Pig
Watch/kijk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wdlcMIOn9s
The KatoBoonFamily left Pattaya now for almost one year because of the pandemic. The family found a new home in the Esan, leaving behind the luxury Boutique Garden Villas in Pattaya, Thailand. Papa Bas is learning about pigs and is showing the latest pig, which he named Rocky. Rocky is almost four months, and his father made many pigs pregnant. It's breeding time at the farm, and Papa Bas explains: Rocky is muscular and has massive testicles for future success. Papa Bas Boon is cleaning the place from Rocky when he gets attacked and smacked to the ground. How will this end? It made Papa Bas think about the last 35 years, visiting islands worldwide and the prestigious life he lived. Has this come to an end? A must-see episode of the KatoBoonFamily.