Thailand Rice Harvesting with the Funny KatoBoonFamily

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In this episode of the KatoBoonFamily, we get to see incredible footage from the Esan in Thailand.

#KBF49 Thailand has beautiful landscapes, the farmers who work in the rice fields. Nature with green plants everywhere. Some of the footage looks like the movie set of a Disney Hollywood production.

The sun is beautiful but can be deadly on the rice fields if you do not wear protective clothing and drink enough water.
In Thailand, there can be two rice harvests a year, if there is enough water. Working in the fields is one thing. It is hard work in the burning sun.

Kato Boon likes Rice mud baths.

Shooting the KatoBoonFamily video series with that much heat is even more challenging. On top of all this, of course, Kato Boon, who like rice fields as some mud bath. The small town in Thailand where the KatoBoonFamily lives is named Saweng Dean Din. Papa Bas takes Kato with the motorbike to the mall. Where Kato loves to get a surprise egg (it has a little toy inside).

The last week Kato is not so interested in getting his eggs. He wants every day to go to the rice fields with Papa Bas Boon and Mama Rak. Karo loves the harvest period.
Mama Rak can look incredibly sexy. But on the rice fields, she is just one of the thousands of farmers, unrecognizable. Forty percent of the population in Thailand works in agriculture. The KatoBoonFamily has rice fields and two pig farms. In Thailand, this is considered a sizable business. The most important thing is to do what you like in Life.

Quote "We'll forget the sun in his jealous sky as we lie in the fields of gold.
What we love in Thailand "Thai Rice My Menu"

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