Bees Attack KatoBoonFamily Funny Buddha Day

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It is Buddha day in Thailand, and this means the Thai people visit Buddha temples. The tradition is to bring food and drinks to the Monks. They enable in a Buddhist temple and pray together. Kato Boon comes with the Family to the temple but gets bored quickly.

He invited papa Bas Boon to come outside, where Kato discovered a Bee nest. First, Papa Bas thinks it's a wasp nest, but it turns out to be bees who are making a hive.
Papa keeps pointing in the direction of the bees and shows Papa there is a second nest.
Papa Bas is shooting the footage for the KatoBoonFamily channel, the bees are not amused and unwilling “actors" and decide to attack.

They must see Bas as a treat. Bas gets stung near the neck in the shoulder. It hurts like hell, and Bas starts running.

Kato is watching from a distance, and for the first time, he is not laughing while Papa is hurt. He looks worried. The shoulder of Papa Bas is starting to swell. Bas is lucky as he does not have a problem with the venom of the bee sting, which can cause an Anaphylactic shock.

Even if you do not have an allergic reaction to a bee sting (or a wasp), If the bee stings in your neck, it still can be dangerous.

Later in the car, Bas still complains about the bee sting. Mama Rak comes to the rescue and puts some special Thai creme on the bee swelling. It's now as big as half a lemon.
Bas complains his left arm is hurting.

The KatoBoonFamily now drives to another new place to get some drinks. Kato sleeps in the car, and we have to wake him up.
Once Kato Boon realizes there is some very dangerous overhang, he is drawn to the danger.
Kato proves once more he has no fear of heights. His parents are less are on high alert.

Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.