Puppies and Dogs love KatoBoonFamily, Cuteness Alert.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOgtzHJ6uG4&t=3s

New puppy dogs entering the KatoBoonFamily at the KBF farm number one, Kato Boon and Conan Boon, are thrilled. Puppies are the best.
Papa Boon gives some wise lessons about dogs.

It is essential to teach Kato and Conan how to treat the dogs with respect. Love for animals is vital in life, and they will give you back that love and attention.

Papa Bas Boon explains that walking with dogs has been good for him during his life. It does miracles for your heart, health, blood circulation, and mental health. With a dog, you have a life companion. But with dogs comes responsibility. You need to feed the dogs on time, and if you do not have a farm. The dogs need to walk at least three times a day. The same goes for cats, but they can let themself out.
Puppies are adorable cute animals, and when you treat them right from the beginning, those dogs will grow with a great dog personality.
In Thailand, especially in the Isan (Esan), you have to be careful with hordes of wild dogs. They live on the streets. When they are hungry, they can be aggressive and dangerous.

Careful with Dogs

These animals cause many fatal traffic accidents because they cross the roads where people drive too fast with motorbikes. The results are disastrous.
Lucky, these doggies grow up with lots of space on a farm. Baby Conan's first encounter with the puppy is incredible. Both brothers play for hours with the puppies.

The video shows an excellent compilation of various dogs as Papa Bas had an English Staffordshire terrier for 17 years. The gym dog from Golden Glory Pattaya is an American Bully XXL. Mama Rak has cute puppy preferences but likes the bully as well.
Get ready for Cuteness Alert, heart-melting footage. (c) Bas Boon

Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOgtzHJ6uG4&t=3s