Snake Swamp Dive and Funny Kato Boon Laser Game Fails

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Snake Swamp Dive and Funny Kato Boon Laser Game Fails

After a long afternoon walk in the Isan Thailand, Papa Bas Boon spots a couple of Thai boys up to their shoulders in a swamp. The big question why are they in a swamp?

It looks like they're looking for fish and frogs.

Some boys scratch a lot on their heads and skin. This behavior is because the place is full of mosquitos as big as an elephant. Not to mention there must be snakes and bloodsuckers.

Once at home, Bas Boon tells the funny story to mama Rak, and she wants to see this for herself. So the KatoBoonFamily with Kato Boon, Conan Boon, and many nieces and nephews walk over to the local swamp.

Back at the swamp, Papa Bas Boon tries to explain where the boys were as he suddenly fell a few meters backward into the swamp. He completely disappears, first people are shocked. Once Bas crawls back on land, everybody can't stop laughing.

Bas sees a massive snake in the swamp two meters from where he fell into the swamp. It must have died recently and come to the surface when he fell in. Bas tells everybody it's not funny as he hates snakes. He swears and leaves the place of doom.

But the one who always puts a smile on your face is Kato Boon. When papa was back, the niece of Kato bought a small laser.
Once she starts shining the little laser light on Kato, the fun begins. Conan Boon watches his brother trying to catch and hit the light. It is a hilarious scene, and everybody has a laughing attack—an actual Life4Fame act.

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