Thailand Island Funny Fishing Fails with Kato Boon

Watch the Video Here:

Papa Bas Boon has enough from the Isan, and before the school re-open, it's time for a break. The KatoBoonFamily travels from Sawang Dean Din Isan to Pattaya to take a boat to the Island named Bamboo (Kho Phai) island in Thailand.
It is the perfect day for fishing and beach fun. It does not take long, and funny, Kato Boon is up to no good. Papa Bas Boon is again the victim. As always, Kato does not know when to stop.

Kato is learning to fish fast and is catching some fish not far from the Island. But he does not have the patience. When Papa Bas tries to explain again how to throw with the fishing rod, an accident happens.
Papa Bas's fishing hook does not leave the boat but gets stuck in his behind. This is crazy, the fish hook first opens his foot to bury itself in his butt finally.

Papa is screaming, and as always, Kato Boon is having great fun.

Mama Rak en Bas removed the hook, but the fish hook got stuck under the boat not long after this. So now papa Bas is trying to figure out where precisely the fish hook is stuck.

Somebody is throwing him overboard, Kato is laughing, and he and his niece O'por blame each other.
Papa says, omg, and swims around the boat and is complaining why he always gets the short end of the stick, he tries to climb into the ship, but he fails and almost loses his shorts. He is too far from the Island, so he tries again to climb aboard.
Kato is laughing out loud (lol), including mama Rak. They laugh so loud that now everybody is laughing.

They find it difficult to leave the white island beach and turquoise clear blue ocean. Thailand has so many incredible places to offer. What a day except for Papa Bas, who is less amused with a sore butt and foot. Will papa Bas be ok?