Best Funny Kid Games ideas for a Mystery Island Holiday

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Papa Bas is finding a formula to make his kids sleep like roses at night. Watch the two ADHD Boon Brothers sleep before the end of the day till the following day. Brat kids Kato and Conan Boon need entertainment and attention. The last island trip was a success.

The first change is to create anticipation and adventure. I did this by naming this island the Mystery Island. You make your family part of an adventure. Choose a theme. Bring the favorite kid song and do an activity based on the music. It feels familiar and comfortable for the kids (like the baby shark song). See this video.

Do something extraordinarily which makes everybody laugh. You will be amazed as parents how even ADHD Brat kids are amazed and make them forget being a brat and sleep longer than ever before.

The KatoBoonFamily is taking a week's holiday in Pattaya. The last months have been intense in the Isan in Thailand, especially with the Pig Farm underwater. It is time for some relaxation. We all could see how baby Kato kept papa busy during their last island trip.
Papa Bas Boon plans to go to Kho Samet.

When the family and friends arrive on the pier where the boats leave for the island, they are disappointed. Because of Covid, the staff there asked for vaccinations, QR codes, and other documents. Papa Bas gets a fit and later apologizes to the family.
But the anger disappears when the family hires a random boat and tells the captain to bring them to an island. This trip results in a fantastic adventure to a mysterious island with clear blue waters and white sand beaches.

The KatoBoonFamily is once again alone on an island. A friend of mama Rak informs Papa Bas about the egg crack challenge. He offers Bas to pay for the whole holiday from everybody if he can crack ten eggs on the head of papa Bas.
This challenge is easy, so Papa Bas Boon thinks, of course, Bas is in for a funny and nasty surprise.
When the egg crack contest and the bet ended, Papa Bas Boon wanted to show off his athletics and boost his ego by producing Salto's jumping from the boat.

This time, Kato Boon does not push his father from the boat, but he laughs aloud when papa fails. When papa Bas makes the dead man's jump, he gets a nasty surprise. This failure does not only hurt his ego, but his face is turning into a lobster.

Kato Boon and Conan Boon play a funny shark game, and mama Rak gets a shock when Conan completely vanishes under a wave.
Another episode of the KatoBoonFamily on an island somewhere in Thailand. Can you guess which island? These tips work for the Boon Brothers. If it works for them, it certainly works for your kids. Check it out.