Now do not think that the "Ten Life Saving Tips" is an exaggeration or clickbait. After watching this video, you will never forget these tips.

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In the usual KatoBoonFamily chaos style, papa Bas Boon analyses his holiday road trip in Thailand from the Isan to Pattaya and back. Papa Bas and Mama Rak travel with two ADHD kids Kato Boon and Conan Boon, and some family of mama Rak.

The viewer is taking on a rollercoaster of brat kids' funny destructive behaviors and things that go wrong for a long road trip.
Expensive phones get crushed, vomit, full diapers, and anarchy are dominating this extraordinary road trip.
Papa Bas Boon and Mama Rak must have nerves of steel to endure more than 20 hours suffering from the Boon brothers.

Every second you lose an eye on the brothers, a new disaster strikes. Not enough attention will result in severe damage and an avalanche of crying and screams.
Papa Bas gives some valuable tips on preparing and preventing his experience while traveling long distances with kids and babies.
In KatoBoonFamily humor style, the videos will make you laugh but think seriously at the same time to follow the road trip hacks of papa Bas Boon. There are recognizable situations every parent has to go through or will experience in the future.

Some footage is the actual footage that happened over time and is included in this fantastic educational and adventures video.
There are, of course, many more tips, as mentioned and shown in the video.

Like the state of wife or female traveling companion, does she have her period (PMS) time? You do not want to travel when a woman has hormonal issues. It is asking for trouble. I did not include this in this video to keep my happy relationship ongoing.

Bring Paracetamol (headache medicine) for parents. For example, bring earplugs for 100X a baby shark song (in case the earplugs of the mobile or iPad devices do not work anymore). This annoying song can cause massive headaches and irritation.

When you, as a parent, think the kids sleep the rest of the trip and the kids give you a break, the anti-climax for the Boon brother's parents comes when they arrive and are home. Some footage was shot while the car stood still or driving very slowly (to make this video) on our private property. We know the kids have to wear seatbelts at all times.

I understand people's comments, "the children did not wear seatbelts at all time," now you know why.
This highlight video must include the best warning footage and tips to alert you to avoid disaster and unnecessary family tensions when you go on a road trip. Let us know in the comments what experiences you had while traveling with babies and kids. We love to hear we are not the only parents who have to overcome road trip "madness."