I created this video to get a reaction from the people to a theory I have about Ivermectin. Does it help against Covid or not? What are my own experiences?

Watch Video Here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1oa_i97wPw

My name is Bas Boon. I was a manager of professional, successful fighters and producer of movies in Hollywood. For thirty-five years, I traveled this globe multiple times. Because of my life experiences in many situations, I now decide to help others improve their well-being. I write and make videos under the name of Bas Boon Says. Many subjects are controversial and actual, and I give my honest opinion on these matters.
I need this thing to get off my chest, why I have Ivermectin in my home for my family. My experiences with the HPV vaccine are a gross story but might give you a good idea of how to help yourself.

In 1918 the plague killed millions of people (Spanish Flu), mainly through contaminated water (faces in the water). People do not realize the grotesque amount of people (billion +) who walk around with parasites without knowing this.

I wrote a blog about the Fake News attacking Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan says brilliantly, "I can afford people, medicine motherf****. This debate with Dr. Sanjay Gupta from Fake News Broadcaster "Hundreds see CNN of millions. Unfortunately, Joe Rogan did not use this unique podcast to educate the people more about Ivermectin and parasites.

Indeed, Joe Rogan claimed that it was good this happened to him as he punched back at CNN (he has the platform to do so). Other Fake News attacks about Joe Rogan taking "horse de-wormer" Ivermectin but no information about human parasites.

What Joe Rogan should have done and all the Fake News outlets out there; is this. Inform the people how to use Ivermectin and why and for what purpose. The antecedent in the Rogan podcast becomes the Fake News vs. Rogan, him vs. them, them vs. Rogan.
I love the Joe Rogan show, but he left a vast opportunity untouched. He could have made CNN look a lot more stupid about their hit piece on him.
Suppose you want to know why and when to use Ivermectin watch this video. Why is the usage of Ivermectin such a massive success in India?
And I explain very simply what Ivermectin does and what effect it does or does not have for Covid-19. This Bas Boon Says "theory" is based on logic and experience. Let me know with comments what you think of this?