Food Feast Fails Funny Kato Boon's Salt Test

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It's Father's Day, and papa Bas Boon made a special arrangement for this occasion and the coming Christmas day.
Since the Kato Boon Family left Pattaya in Thailand to go live in the Isan near the border of Laos, papa Bas hardly eats meat. The number of insects, frogs, and sour mangoes (somtam) is not his graving food (delicatessen and seen as a feast in the Isan).

The video begins with a flashback of Pattaya's number one restaurant Gian's, before the pandemic. It's an Italian restaurant but not only famous for its pizzas. The best steaks and the fish-like sole is delicious. The owner shows the kitchens and some recipes, and these food images make your mouth water.

From the Netherlands and traveling the world, father Bas has had dinners in the best restaurants and casinos worldwide. The word filet mignon and lobster thermidor washed away with Cabernet Sauvignon were weekly on the menu.
It's funny to see the contracts of food dishes between restaurants in Pattaya and the Isan.

The smell of fish and crab with Pla-a sauce (fermented fish with rice bran) you can smell from several miles away is terrible.
The Thai people all sit on the ground no matter what luxury table you buy with comfortable chairs. The district Sakon Nakhon and Udon Thani are famous for farmers and Isan food.

During the last KatoBoonFamily trip to Pattaya, they visit the islands. Papa made a deal with the villa market to send some steaks to the Isan during that trip. Australian Grass-Fed beef, the premium quality. It's a test to see if the steak will arrive at the Isan.
Unfortunately, only one piece is left, but the steak arrives a day before father's day, and father Bas Boon is delighted. Mama Rak is cooking the steak Medium-Rare, and the smell is incredible.

The steak looks like a shining jewel on its plate (feast), and just when Papa wants to take his first bite, the phone rings. He leaves the table for just a few seconds to get some information for a client, and disaster strikes.
Funny Kato Boon obtained a large bag of Baking Soda, and while he was walking in the house, he spotted a table with a food plate. The "medium-rare" grass-fed beef from Australia is on the food plate, where's Papa asks Kato himself and looks around, time to test a prank.