Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma, the Don King of Humanity

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I will explain why the current political system is completely rotten. In my last blog, I described how the prime minister of Holland, Mark Rutte, took orders from Klaus Schwab as many other world leaders. Build Back Better, and the Great Reset is their globalist program.

Now here I draw my comparison with politics and business people. First of all, Mark Ratner resigned (legit he was not working anymore for NSAC) from the Nevada State Athletic Commission to work for the UFC. From that moment on, more and more states nationwide accepted the UFC to promote their territories. This accomplishment is all the legislative work of Mark Ratner. In 2016 The UFC was sold to IMG for 4.2 billion dollars. The next step is the UFC IPO which endeavor valued at 10 billion dollars.

If it were not for the agent and Mark Ratner, the UFC would never become as big as they are today. Now hear me out why you should not trust anything you hear in the news or social media.

Massive Conflicts of Interest. The Don King model.

As a fight manager, I needed the fighters to get the highest fight purse possible. Pick opponents, fight dates, bend some rules—anything to make my fighter choose a winning path and become champion and money-making machine.
When I sold Glory World Series and Golden Glory and became Glory's president, I informed all Golden Glory fighters I could no longer be their manager.

Compare to Fauci: Read here: https://basboon.com/dr-fauci-and-big...g-of-humanity/