Do not speak the truth regarding food, exercise, and being fat.

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The industry and fake Media are brainwashing the masses to believe that it is perfectly normal to be 24-hour eating machines. I once entered a coffee shop and ordered a coffee black with no sugar. An oversized whale of 170kg calls for 6 Frappuccinos in front of me.

A Frappuccino is the ultimate calorie bomb. There is a little bit of coffee, but mostly there is whip cream, cream, sugared milk, a triple spoon with sugar, and sweet corn syrup. Itís the ultimate calorie bomb. This drink belongs to the bestsellers from Starbuck, Amazon, and other coffee chains stores.

I waited in line till this thing of 170kg got her 6 Frappuccinos. Then I observed her walking up to a small table inside Starbucks and assumed she visited this place with some other oversized eating containers. This assumption was wrong. Before I could get my black coffee, I could not help to look at the human blob. The 170kg went to 175 kilograms in under two or three minutes at the most. She was gulping 6 Frappuccinos by herself like she needed to put out a forest fire in her massive stomach. She was alone, no company

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