This is an update on the unitrustfx scam and what you need to watch out for and report.

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My fellow dutchman has a successful YouTube channel named the Bitcoin Family (great channel great personality). The person who runs and owns the channelís name is Diddy.

Dutch Kees van der Spek arrest scam artist in Nigeria.
I first bullshit the guy on Whatapp (keep thinking about the poodle avatar picture). Itís hard not to verbally spit an avalanche of diarrhea, knowing itís a con artist you speak with. I suggest talking in Dutch. The person on WhatsUp now speaks Dutch (it takes time before he does) but he makes weird spelling mistakes.

I know itís not Diddie. So I called him, but he did not answer. He replies, why do you want a video call? I answered: as a well-known public figure fellow countryman, I want to know its really you before I invest 100K.

The video call never happened. This is what happened to Chris from the #MMCrypto channel and me.

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