Howard Stern about Alex Jones, HIV in Vaccines Test.

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One of the oldest radio talk show hosts on the planet is Howard Stern. He was provocative in the early years and ’80s. Then things went quiet for a while till Howards found a way back into the mainstream media attention.

It was “clear” to Howard that Joe Rogan, the anti-vaxer, was spreading “misinformation,”. Howard was a loudmouth who was trying to gain back popularity by mentioning and blaming Joe Rogan with plenty of hashtags.

Alex Jones is right again. Fast Foreward: February 8, 2022

The BBC broadcast a documentary in which scientists Keith Chappell admits they used HIV in covid vaccines and tested this on humans. The name of the BBC documentary is titled Horizon: The Vaccine, which aired in June 2021. Quote; Keith Chappell, an associate professor at the university and a molecular virologist researching new vaccines. All participants “were informed of the details of the vaccine, including that it contained peptide sequences corresponding to regions of the gp41 protein of HIV,” recalls Keith Chappell. The essay has been peer-reviewed and published in the prestigious scientific journal Lancet Infectious Diseases (Infectious diseases in French).

Fauci, Gates. Hiv, Covid now here is were things get bizar: