Valentine's Day in Isan Thailand with the Funny Boon Family

Watch the Video Here:

Now, Papa Bas Boon is from the Netherlands and lives in Isan, Thailand. Mama Rak is Thai, but in Thailand, they celebrate everything. They love presents and dressing up for special occasions.
I was too busy to realize that it was the 14th of February, Valentine's Day. This day is to be thoughtful and show your love for each other.
History teaches us that there was also the last confrontation between famous mobster Al Capone and Moran on Valentine's day.
Quote: In 1929, The Saint Valentines Day Massacre was the murder of seven Chicago North Side Gang associates.

Valentine died by torture and was killed. Mind-boggling for me to associate all this with love? And why a century later because I was busy forgetting about this day. But enough about history.
I forgot the day. I was blogging and working on a video, so no flowers, chocolate, or gold. At night a grim starring face of mama Rak. This does look like a thunderstorm with ultra-lightening forming in my living room? This did not spell anything good. Mama Rak shows me her Facebook with a picture of her girlfriend with many flowers. It finally hit me. I forgot Valentine’s Day.

The next day Bas wants to buy something nice, but I am called to the pig stables as one of the pigs suddenly ceased to live, probably a heart attack. My Valentine's present comes in the form of trying to upload a dead pig of about 200 kg on a truck.

Kato Boon saves another chicken from a cat. Papa Bas pulls a small joke on Mama Rak trying to make up for his "mistake." The sparkle of love is slowly coming back, and the situation is improving.

Bas shows how Thai people drill for water on their land. He gives an excellent tour near the KatoBoonFamily home. The sister of Rak is also building a house is Sawang Dean Din.
Will the present of Bas be good enough to make up for his excuse that he forgot Valentine's Day?