Chicken Attacks Kato Boon, Funny Piglet Miraculous Saved.

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It has been an incredibly crazy day at the Boon Brothers Farm. The day started with an aggressive rooster who terrorized the Boon family for the last two months. This territorial dictator male chicken considers the Farm in the Isan Thailand his whole territory. The male chicken is aggressive and attacks everything that moves.
Papa Bas is angry as this time the Hen is attacking Kato Boon. Kato is not afraid of animals, but this is too much and turns into a drama. It's time for this Hen to become chicken soup.

It is incredibly busy at the Kato Boon Farm as four Pigs are giving birth all in one day. The result is 45 piglets are born and a sleepless night for Mama Rak. One of the mother pigs has breathing difficulties after giving birth to piglet number 12. The only way to check if another piglet is stuck in the pig's womb is to check by hand.
Another little piglet is born very late and does not breathe. So mama Rak and her mother have a rescue plan. The straw they usually use for drinking daily coffee is now a piglet rescue tube. Will the little piglet survive or will the rescue mission fail?

Papa and Mama bought Kato and Conan Boon a fish tank. Kato loves to fish, and it's a great way to change his mind from the Hen attack. I do not want him to develop a phobia for chickens, so this was a good idea.

The problem with Kato is that he can't just watch but has to do things with the fish and the fish tank. This behavior leads to another crying orchestra by Kato and Conan.
Finally, Papa takes Kato to the Game Salon, his favorite place. Playing games is a welcome attraction to make Kato happy again. When they come back home to their city Sawang Daen Din, they can smell the chicken soup. It's finally dinner time.