Nukes or Swift? Bank run because of “Crazy” Putin?

Make My Day Punk!

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They offer Zeleneskyy to evacuate. He answered this: Quote: I need ammunition, not a ride. It sounds like a Clint Eastwood war movie quote, “make my day punk .”I like Zelenskyy as a former actor. He knows how to use the media and raise the warrior spirit. Imagine Ukraine wins from Russia and Zelensky becomes victorious. The question is how can anybody be victorious against nukes?

That quote of him makes him a truly heroic figure. The bad guys always lose in the movies, and the good guys win. Although in “No Time To Die,” Bond does get killed in the end. The problem is this; it’s not a movie. Hollywood recently sent Sean Penn to Ukraine, paid by Vice.

Oliver Stone made a documentary about what’s wrong in Ukraine or Russia (Ukraine on Fire see video). The finding of Oliver Stone is not welcome so you won’t find it in the mainstream media. They will promote a book of Alexander Vindman as he rides the Obama and Biden narrative.

Do masks help when it rains nukes?

I hope this war soon comes to an end without further bloodshed. This pandemic is far from over, but you could ask yourself Do masks still work if it rains nukes! We are going from a Covid Virus hysteria to war hysteria. Next are the financial crisis and energy blackouts. War is excellent to evade/avoid the inevitable financial crisis. Ooh, do I want to be wrong.

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