Vladimir Putin’s Ego, is Ukraine his “Bridge too Far”?

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I remember the fall of the Berlin wall and a drunken president Boris Yeltsin on a Russian tank. Former President Mikhail Gorbachev comes to mind as a Russian president who changed a lot and has an excellent wine spot on his bald head.

There comes Vladimir Putin, a former KGB leader from the Kremlin. The pr team made him look, though. The world press depicts the Russian leader Putin as a strong leader. Photo ops in a judo suit and writing a horse without a t-shirt. Even when Covid arrives, the “fearless” Russian leader visits a bio lab in a hazmat suit and a Covid patient in a hospital.
Russia’s interference in Syria put Putin and Russia back on the world stage as a strong nation with a strong leader.
Here is what is really crazy, the AI... read more here: https://basboon.com/vladimir-putin-i...ridge-too-far/