How to Break Toys Challenge, Try Not to Laugh Ryan

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*KBF77 How to Break Toys Challenge, Try Not to Laugh Ryan When Ryan was three years old, he posted a video of a train on YouTube, and it got 50 million views. In the last year, the Kids YouTuber made over 30 million dollars in a year. The Ryan's World YouTube channel now has 32 million subscribers and has over 2 billion views. A great success story.

Funny Kato Boon also has exceptional talents. Papa Bas Boon explains that Kato Boon demolished a closet when he was two and a half. Kato was also in the hospital to get four stitches in his head at that age.
Everything Kato touches breaks and gets smashed. Does have newborn baby Conan Boon have the same destructive genes? There is a rumor that the Boon brothers can destroy a bowling ball.

Papa puts the Boon brothers to the test by making a challenge. He buys a spiderman and another heroic robotic figure who can dance. The Boon brothers accept the challenge, and the competition begins. Who will demolish the toy first? And how long will it take?
His parents spoiled Kato Boon; he got an expensive electric car and an electric motorbike when he was two years old. Try not to laugh when Kato Boon declares these toys his enemy and destroys all toys.

There is no channel like the KatoBoonFamily channel on YouTube.

HiHo Kids, Vlad and Niki, Cocomelon, Blippi, CKN, and Shot of the Yeager are great YouTube channels. But nothing comes close to the crazy KatoBoon family living on two pig farms in Isan, Thailand.
This family vlog channel now has almost 40.000 subscribers and is approaching ten million views. It's raw, original, creative, addictive, and has tons of humor and sarcasm.

Kato is at your service if Rayn wants to test his toys for longevity and how strong they are.
Kato told his dad that he would soon be making 30 million a year. He will then buy a few ToysRus stores and a giant sledge hammer. You can fill in the blanks.
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