Try Not to Laugh Challenge AFV Kato Boon Funny Fails

Watch the video here:

This funny video is a roller-coaster of Kato Boon’s funniest moments. The goal of the Kato Boon Family YouTube Channel is the concept of the reverse Beverly Hillbillies.

The pandemic started two years ago. Papa Bas Boon decides to take the Boon family to the border near Laos to go live on two pig farms. It is the end of a decade of luxury lifestyle, yachts, fancy restaurants, and beach life in Pattaya, Thailand.

It is a life-changing chancing decision to start living on a farm. A bigger challenge is that Kato Boon turns out to be an enfant terrible. He is the epiphany of AFV.
Kato is a mixture between the Macaulay Culkin brat kid “Kevin McCallister” of the Home Alone movie series. The leader Travis Tedford is the “Spanky” of the little rascals. And Jan Ohlsson “Emil” in the Swedish comedian series Emil I Lönneberga.
Kato Boon has combined the worst pranks of all three. Kevin, Spanky, and Emil and he is making his parents’ life very difficult.
The idea of this highlight video of crazy funny moments came from Tik Tok. I started an account not long ago for the KatoBoonFamily. A short video clip I posted got 1 million views in no time.

The KatoBoonFamily YouTube Channel is very popular in India and Indonesia. In these countries, the Isan Thai farm life is the daily normality for a vast group of the population. In Asia, the Kato Boon Family is gaining territory similar to AFV. Funny moments with a family vlog attached to it,

Kato Boon Farm one and two has twenty water buffalos. Over a hundred pigs, and thousands of chickens. Conan Boon, Kato Boon, and the parents are peddling between the two farms. Just a few more months and the third brother Ken will be born.

This video will show you many pranks and hilarious moments. The main character is Kato who is teasing his parents and others (haha). Kato will keep you laughing. The challenge “when you laugh, you lose” is the wrong test in this case. This laughing contest would have no winners, Ha-ha. If AFV had to pick a winner, it would be KBF.