Cute Puppies vs. Funny Piglets, Isan New-Born Water Buffalo.

Watch the Video Here:

It is crazy busy at the KatoBoonFamily farms. An excellent opportunity for brat kid Kato Boon to make life a little more difficult for his parents.
Today could be the birth of the twentieth water buffalo. When Papa Bas is going to check out the mother water buffalo, he hears the pigs from the stable.
Kato Boon thought it was a nice experiment to put some puppies with the piglets. Papa gives Kato a lesson that he can no longer bring puppies to the pig's stable.

Nothing awful happens. It's not a fail. And it is funny to see the two puppies play with piglets.
It's time papa runs to the stables. A new water buffalo is born. Last time the family waited for 9 hours for newborn water buffalo named Saturday.
This time papa Bas arrived just in time. And he should not have been 10 seconds later.
A beautiful, robust, healthy water buffalo is born, they first thought it was a girl, but it is a boy. We name this one "speedy."
It is incredible to see how fast a newborn water buffalo can stand on its legs. Check it out. It is impressive considering we take an average of one year to walk as babies.

When papa and mama Rak want to celebrate this great day, they can not find funny Kato Boon. Now that spells trouble. Papa and mama rush home, and the sight is not fresh, so to say (pig dirt). Papa is mumbling Wtf, Omg... Instead of bringing the puppies to the stable, Kato brought two piglets to the puppies at home.
The parents enter the home, and the stench is unbearable. Puppies and pigs play in the living room. Just when you think things can not get worse, papa Bas is screaming, leaving the bedroom. Brat kid Kato Boon thought it was funny to take the pig to his parent's bed. Try not to laugh, lol.
Scorpion Alert!
At night when Mama Rak and funny Kato want to visit grandma on the other side of the street, Kato almost steps on a giant scorpion. These scorpions can grow humungous in the Isan in Thailand. Papa Bas shows how aggressive this giant scorpion is.
Another adventurous day at the KatoBoonFarm, what an existing day. Time to sleep for a long, long time.