Kids Fun Pool Party Games Fails, Kato's Real Frog Toy

Watch the video here:

It is April in Thailand, the month the Thai people celebrate Songkran (Thai New Year). The celebration is the country's biggest water party. It is a beautiful sweltering day in Isan, Thailand. Time for some pool fun for the kids. As the KatoBoonFamily moves from their luxury homes with pool villas in Pattaya, they now have to scope with some small plastic kid pools.

But the fun is not much less for Kato Boon's brother Conan Boon and their gang of Isan kids. Papa has the idea for a movie where funny Kato will sabotage the pool party. The kids are in on it and play their roles.

Things get extremely funny when Papa Bas Boon has the bright idea of instructing Kato Boon to cause multiple leaks in their just newly bought pool. The faces of the kids are priceless when brat kid Kato Boon attacks the new pool with a scissor.
All faces turn into sadness when the pool is running out of air. A vicious Kato is playing his role. Breaking things is his favorite game. He never fails at it.
But Bas puts a smile on the kid's face when he announces buying another new plastic pool. The kids are having a blast. Even baby Conan laughs with joy.
Kato put puppies with piglets in the previous video and later brought the piglets home.

This time Kato catches a colossal bullfrog, his new pet friend.

Suddenly the kid's pleasure is disturbed when brat kid Kato Boon finds a giant frog. He holds the frog in front of him, chasing the kids to the yard. The girls are terrified of Kato with his humongous bullfrog. The result is that Kato has a small pool for himself to play and swim with the giant frog.
Papa is trying to teach Kato that he can't lie anymore. He and mama Rak checked the security cameras, and it was apparent the first time that Kato wrecked the pool. Try not to laugh is hard when Kato denies his guild and blames other kids. Papa demands he says sorry.
A funny accident happens when you think things are finally back to normal. This time Kato is not to blame.