Birthday Song Pig Gift Fails Kato Kid Breaks Toys Lol

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It's Papa Bas Boon's birthday, and he became 55. Papa is taking a nap on his hang mat when the kids surprise him with balloons and a happy birthday song. That means popping the balloon near his eardrum, funny Kato Boon style.
It is time for papa to do some Birthday shopping to prepare for the party at night. Kato Boon wants to come to the shopping mall; he knows there are many toys.

Despite the toy selection, Kato ends up in the tool section. Guess what the first item in his hands is?
Papa spoils brat kid Kato Boon with some presents, and they return home. It does not take long, and all the toys are getting destroyed. Papa tries to teach funny Kato he has to stop breaking toys. It is maybe a little drastic measure, but it does not help.
Mama Rak takes the babies to the other KatoBoonFarm as they celebrate the water fun New Year's Celebration named Songkran in Thailand. Especially in the Isan, these weeks are party weeks.

Papa gets a nasty birthday gift.

Unfortunately for papa, who wants to take a nap in the pool in his garden, the kids return home early. The brat kids have hammers and balloons. They sing another birthday song for papa. Water bombs and hammers are now landing on papa Bas in the pool. It's all-out chaos.
Papa leaves the pool and decides to come back when the kids are out to eat some Thai food.
Suddenly nobody knows where Kato Boon is? Kato is with the pigs shoving pig dirt in a bucket. This visit to the pig's stables is Kato's funny way of preparing his master's birthday gift for papa. Kato will not fail.

When brat kid Kato returns to the pool, a spectacle unfolds that many people will not forget, especially the smell that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The kids can't stop laughing. Papa Boon has no idea what is coming to a third birthday song, and well, see for yourself.