The Pizza with Diaper Fails but Attracts a Funny Snake.

Watch the video here:

It has been a little quiet for producing YouTube videos. Most of the family got sick, and baby Conan Boon had heavy fevers. I can not film my ill family members as I worry too much and do not think itís appropriate.

So, I waited ten days till everybody started feeling better. I decided to get Pizza for the family as mama Rak who is pregnant with Ken, was also sick. Brat Kid Kato Boon wants to come to order Pizza, and as usual, he can not behave normally. When papa Bas comes back from the Pizza place, everybody is enthusiastic about their favorite Pizza. Papa Bas Boon has no idea that this day will bring an avalanche of parentsí responsibilities.

From changing dirty diapers to chasing snakes out of the house. It is funny to see. People start laughing again. Kato ruins the party after pizza flies in the air. The result is that Papa Bas Boon goes back to the Pizza place again to get new pizzas. Again, Kato Boon has to touch any object in the Pizza place, and you can see that the employees are getting annoyed.

When papa Bas comes back home, little Conan needs to change his diapers and have a shower. Kato is helping to put the dirty diaper in the trash. Funny, Kato Boon Fails to find the trach can and brings the diaper to dinner. Papa is furious, and when he gets Pizza for the third time, he is worried as Kato is gone.

Where is he? Is this another Kato Boon Prank? Papa has seen enough jokes.

Things get worse. The fever of baby Conan is rising, and he cries a lot.
A Thai street dog attacked Pam, and he fell on his forehead. Little Pam comes home crying. He has a hematoma and several cuts and bruises. Thailand is known for vicious street dogs. There are still a lot of street dogs in Pattaya, but where the KatoBoonFamily lives now in the Isan, it is worse.
Finally, papa finds Kato, but where are the pizzas? When papa is cleaning up the mess behind the homes. He complains to the kids they should clean stuff after they eat. The trash smells terrible, and there are flies.

Papa says it attracts rats and snakes, and half the time, the kids forget to close the homeís doors. Asking kids to clean Fails all the time. Not long after papa lectures the kids, he goes to the toilet and spots a young cobra one meter from the toilet seat.