Texas Shooter Salvador Ramos, 18, was he gay?
May 25th, 2022 Terrible news from Texas. A deranged 18-year-old lunatic killed at least 18 children in the Rob Elementary school (before the school shooting Ramos apparently shot his grandmother). I read the first reports, and I am getting a solid deja vu feeling about Sandy Hook. Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter ( Lanza did not look human), Adam shot his mother before going on his shooting rampage. This recent Texas shooting has even more similarities with the Orlando Pulse Shooter.

Salvador Ramos the none white queer Hispanic junky Texas massacre shooter.
The problem is politics and the media. The problem is big Pharmacies and the food industry—profits which result in more mental illness. Like the war in Ukraine, the media is pushing this narrative. Most importantly, the military-industrial complex is making profits.

Most of these shootings suddenly start especially around election time (midterms in the US). Democrat Beto O’rouke is an incredibly unpopular politician in Texas. He can’t fill a classroom and literally looks like Beaves from Beavis and Butthead. I expect him to run using this mass shooting.

Psychopaths are bred by this society.
If we want to stop all this madness, then read here: https://basboon.com/texas-shooter-sa...e-gay-why-why/