Texas School shooting, hero mom, we must stop this? Salvador Ramos is a monster that needs to be eradicated. First of all, my condolences to the parents who lost their children because of this horrific school shooting.

The particular heroic actions of Angeli Rose Gomez saved her two kids. Her story raises many questions. She heard about the school shooting and left her work to rescue her children. It’s a 40-minute drive. When she arrives at the scene, she wants to enter the school, but the police arrest her for interfering with a police investigation...

Obama writes in a tweet: “where he connects George Floyd with the Uvalde mass shootings”?

Reade Here, Lees hier: https://basboon.com/texas-school-sho...ust-stop-this/

The former president killed more children with drone strikes than any previous president while eating at an outdoor restaurant in Yemen. It’s terrible all those kids died but George Floyd, remember George Floyd? The junky criminal porn star who once robbed a pregnant woman by putting an illegal gun to her pregnant belly? Let me be clear, I do not approve of how the police handled the situation with death as a result.

I bet some people miss that cop now who put a knee in George Floyds’ neck. Would it not be awesome to see that cop running into the school and see Salvador Ramos in that position?

No, no, the divider in Chief needs to use this fresh tragedy for George Floyd and racism propaganda. It is grifters like BLM who constantly exploit tragedies. People give generously to have these BLM thieves promote racism so the BLM leaders can buy luxury properties for themselves.

Professional Criminal George Floyd or innocent children in one tweet?
The Fake Media made a martyr out of a junky professional criminal, George Floyd. Defund the police, defund the police until a criminal in their house points a gun at their heads. Until a mentally ill shooter enters an elementary school. When the Texas School Shooter was in the school, you can hear what the public says to the police. No here read: https://basboon.com/texas-school-sho...ust-stop-this/