New-born Baby Opens His Eyes, First Smile, and Bath.

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Incredible footage of Newborn Ken Boon coming home and meeting his brother Conan and Kato Boon. Like Conan Boon, Ken is born in Isan, Thailand.
The KatoBoonFamily is no longer an appropriate name for the channel; from now on, it will be the Boon Brothers. Ken was born four weeks early and could not wait to explore the world and meet the Boon Family.
Because he is born too early baby, Ken gets a lung infection and will stay his first week in the hospital. Not a scenario papa Bas Boon and Mama Rak had visualized, but it all ends well.

This video shows some great tips for babies and kids. When papa Bas explains how a present from the newborn baby to the other children gives an excellent first impression, Baby Conan loves cute Ken and shows how you drink milk.
Papa Bas shows Mama Rak just before she goes to the hospital to deliver baby Ken. The mother does not listen to papa, asking Mama to chill because of her pregnancy. It is fantastic to see how Mama gives new-born Ken his first bath.

Proud father Bas explains the names of the Boon brothers. What are the meanings of the Boon brothers' baby names?

Ken is from Ken Clark (Superman), baby Conan (Conan the Barbarian), and Kato Boon (Kato played by Bruce Lee).
After the birth of the new baby, Mama does not slow down after she gave birth. She is not at home but works at the pig stables, where 15 new piglets are born.

It is incredible to see a new-born first smile, sneezing, and crying emotions. Papa gets a substantial welcome fart. This behavior made papa realize he is a real Boon; he loves his sons.
People ask Bas if a fourth son would be possible. Never say never. The Daltons would probably be the most accurate name if a fourth son were born in the future.
Ken says hi to the world. Get ready!