Boon Brothers Funny First New School Visit Fails

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For two years, most of the schools were closed in Thailand. After the summer holiday in Isan, Thailand, Papa Bas and Mama Rak decide to change schools for Kato Boon. Itís also the time for funny Conan Boon to go to school. He is not two years old yet but extremely big for his age.
The new Christian school is not far from the Boonís residence. Will Conan, like his brother Kato run into the classroom and forget about his parents on his first day at school?

Will Kato Boon have problems with switching schools and meeting new friends?

Most things at the beginning and new are great. It does not take long, and Papa Bas and Mama Rak need to do some serious parenting. Do not try to laugh when Kato tries to smuggle his phone to school several times. He gets exceptionally inventive, and it is hilarious to see how creative he is.
It is then time for Kato to show how he impresses the girls in the new school. Plenty of new girls, and with a great smile and some Michael Jackson moves conquers the little Boon many new hearts. Too many new girlfriends to choose from.

Boon Brothers Authority Problems

It is difficult for the Boon brothers to follow the protocol/rules; they refuse to wear a mask. It is also tricky for Kato to stand in line. Conan Boon tops his brother Kato by making the whole school know him on the first day.

Not all day children want to go to school and some scenes of emotional kids who canít control their tears when their parents leave them. Kato shows talent when he wants to go home and sentence some English sentences that papa never taught him.
The teachers tell papa that the Boon brothers did well (once in the whole week). Papa is happy for the KatoBoonFamily, but his excitement is short-lived. He is in for a surprise when he drives from school to their home.

Get ready for a laugh, parents. This family vlog video is a must-see!