Pig Head for Fun Kidís Birthday Gift Fails.

Watch/Kijk video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip5T1pXU1Ek

Conan Boon celebrates his second birthday. Newborn Ken Boon was born a month early and was supposed to be delivered on the same day as Conís birthday. But he wanted to get out. The custom in Thailand is that when a baby reaches the age of one month, they will visit a Buddhist temple.
The family brings pig heads to the temple. These gifts are for Buddha so the baby and family will have a prosperous, solidarity, and successful life as a team. Papa Bas Boon knows these are real monks and has been to this temple. Kato Boon and Conan Boon have been blessed in the same temple in Sawang Dean Din in Isan, Thailand.

Pig Head for Buddha

One of the most important gifts for Buddha is a pig head. The more pig heads, the stronger the blessings. This meaning is what I assume, and as we have a pig farm, there is no shortage of pig heads.
In Thailand, they believe this gives strength to and for the family, you can do it together.
Conanís birthday day starts with a visit to this temple, and papa Bas Boon explains some of the habits and customs of the Thai people. It is a dreadful view to see these cut-off pig heads on a plate, all facing the direction of the Buddhist temple. For some reason, when they are not alive anymore, they look funny and cute. Pig heads as a gift for Buddha and used for food for a funny kidís birthday never fail in Thailand.
The day continues with Birthday songs, more pig heads, and dinosaur masks.

When the family returns home, it is time for Conanís birthday celebration. Like in previous Boon family fun kidís birthday celebrations, there are some hilarious moments. Conan loves the birthday song. The atmosphere gets energetic when the guest boils some pig heads. They then start eating pieces of the brain and the pigís face. Many refuse to eat cake; they want pig head.
Kato and Conan run around with Raptor masks and amuse the birthday guest. Conan keeps staring and pointing at a dead pigís head. What a great birthday.

Newborn Ken Boon

Little newborn baby Ken Boon is getting some blessed Thai ropes around his tiny arm. They do this for good luck, another essential ritual for the Thai people.
Papa also takes the funny kids to an amusement hall; it does not take long, and papa wants to leave. Conan breaks the frog machine. The idea is to hit them on the head, but Conan is strong and pulls out one of the frogs, which causes the game to tilt.
Another hilarious family vlog video. The Boon parents have their hands full handling the Boon Brothers Brats.