Boon Brothers' Brats Are Out of Control; Parents Fail.

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It's not been easy for the parents during lockdowns and many Isan holidays in Thailand. Another Holiday started, and it's storming outside. Papa Bas and the Boon family are watching the KatoBoonFamily YouTube Channel. Suddenly there is a foul odor, a terrible smell.
Bas is asking if somebody shit their pants? It does not take long, and everybody starts screaming and laughing. Conan took out his diaper and then tried to climb on the bed. He is leaving a trail of dirt on some t-shirts and blankets.

Dirty Diapers and clothes.

When papa gets out of bed to pick up the dirty diaper and clothes, the kids rush out of the room.
It does not take long, and brat Kato Boon takes the opportunity to grab the dirty diaper. His favorite game is chasing other kids with dirt. The chase ends abruptly when papa Bas takes away the dirty diaper.

There is one thing papa forgets, the dirty t-shirt. Again, funny Kato Boon takes the shirt and has everybody on the run. Poor Conan gets smothered with the shirt. By now, the stench is in the whole house; it's chaos.
When mama Rak tells Bas to get barbwire to make fences for the KatoBoonFarm, papa gets a great idea. When he comes back from delivering the barbwire, he brings a roll of barbwire back home.
He summons all the kids together to sit in a circle and puts the barbwire in the middle. Long preaching follows. It is clear Bas is no longer taking and shit. There will be no more throwing with diapers and playing with dirt. His message is clear, the perpetrators of the following dirt incident will be rolled in barbwire.

Roll Out the Barbwire.

The kids tough the barbwire and say Ooh and Auch, suddenly Kato is missing. While papa does not notice the absence of Kato, he soon finds out. While he is still speaking, Conan and some kids look scarred; others laugh behind papa's back when Kato emerges. In his hands, the t-shirt with dirt, what happens next does not need a lot of imagination.