German Adverse Vaccine Reactions Report, Obesity Death Cult.

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Biden, with his admiral / White House administration, gives a clear signal to Russia, North Korea, and China that they must shit their pants. A German friend of mine gave me a visit to Pattaya. He read my blogs and said why are you so sympathetic towards all those degender LGBTQ freaks and Obese people? Let them have ten boosters and a couple of packages with Paxlovid and other pills. It will speed up their miserable ending. We need a dozen of Fauciís. He meant what he said.

Let them die. Why sympathy?
He ended the conversation by saying that Adolf Hitler would look up (or down) and think, why did I not think of this scam? Most people line up for injections. They get sicker and sick. And then ask for pills from the same company that produces the vaccines that make them sick in the first place to finish the job! I looked at him and said, itís just not me, man. I have empathy and sympathy for humans. The majority are just weak.