Lisa, Shania Twain, Andrew Tate Success, a parents formula?

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The Future of my Kids is shaped by the parents or?

With great admiration, I watched the Netflix documentary about Shania Twain, “Not Just a Girl.” I recommend everybody to watch it. It is incredible how against all odds, Shania Twain became the most prominent country/pop star in the world. The female who sold the most records than any other artist. I am starting with this story because of the role of the parents.

Paul Thorn Pimps and Preachers
Paul Thorn is another guy I greatly admire. However, he did not break through yet as a top talented singer and writer. His song “pimps and preachers” gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. He made that song to pay tribute to his father and his uncle.

“My daddy had a Cadillac, my uncle drove a ford, one was Satan’s Angel, one worked for the Lord. They had some hardened wisdom. They both became my teachers. I was a young disciple of pimps and preachers”. Now, look at this song and the life path of Paul Thorn.

It is fair to say that I claim that his uncle “Satans Angel” taught him how to fight and stand up for himself. His father, the preacher, teaches him about norms and rules and the value of life. In his youth, Paul Thorn becomes a professional boxer. And he is good at what he does. Paul even reaches almost the top. He goes seven rounds with Roberto Duran. As he was poor, he worked in a Tupelo furniture factory, and after a few years, some musicians discovered Paul as a Southern Rock singer and musician. Now what do you think.....