Sandy Hook, Alex Jones a diversion from Pfizer Adverse Reactions?

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Every headline worldwide is about the evil Alex Jones, who claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax. The best media drama is about murdered innocent children and Alex ultra-bad guy exploiting such an event. When you criticize any of this, you are a right-wing Nazi conspiracy theorist who crawls around Alex Jonesís Butt hole.

Letís apply this to Fauci, Biden, and Big Pharmaís other criminal cult members and employees.
Here is how a future court case against all lying misleading people involved in promoting vaccines could go:

The Judge and prosecutor to Dr. Brix and Fauci, Dr. Brix, you recently admitted that the vaccines would not protect against infections. Did you say that? Yes, I did. Have you discussed this before with Dr. Fauci? Yes, he knew and agreed with my assessment. Do you realize that the most significant financial disaster was created because of your misleading and false information, and tens of thousands of unnecessary people died and are still dying? You are the most famous mass murders in the world of the twenties century. Y

es, but we thought what we did was right. The Judge answers: maybe Alex Jones thought what he said about Sandy Hook was real. You do not have such a defense. You deliberately misled the people and conspired with the Fake News and Big Tech against people who told the truth. That is treason. Death by hanging!

This moron blames the government for catching Monkey Pox and Gohenerea. The guy goes into a filthy toilet during an LGBTGHI parade and has unprotected sex with multiple men. All this after the government put out a warning. He literally sees a runny nose penis with green puss, but oh what the heck, let me suck that thing. Adverse reactions afterward, blame it on somebody else, I am with the LGBTQ cult, and we are unique. Humanity is lost.