Do Gays save the world from Covid mandates by spreading Monkeypox?

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Please don’t call me a homophobic bigot yet; there might be a lot of truth in this title. Follow me along, and let me make my point—judge after you read this if this title is incorrect. You might have this all upside down. I defender of animals, especially dogs, and all life in general.

Many important CDC guidelines, mandates, and isolation instructions disappear From the CDC website, but why? Fauci lied about everything, but why? Breakthrough celeb unity message after four vaccines. Joe Biden had Covid back to back for 15 days while doubles vaxed and boosted. So did all these celebs and politicians.

Two french gay guys, one with HIV, gave Monkeypox to their dog.

To show my readers how bizarre these biased media people are, check out the headlines about a gay couple giving Monkeypox to their dog. One of the gay guys has HIV, and the other gay man is trying to get HIV from his partner (I assume). The poor dog never stood a chance. They were sleeping with the animal.

Do you mean napping, dreaming, was the dog on their bed near their foot, sleeping on the blankets? No, the dog was under the blankets and sleeping near the couple’s groin areas.

According to the report, the dog might have given some erected penis a lick or two. After twelve days, the dog showed ulcers around his anus. The two gay men reported bleeding anusses and ulcers. The poor dog might not only have licked some genitals but maybe “by accident” received an erected human penis in his poor dog behind.

Now, where are all those animal right activist on this matter? Imagine if the dog had known he would get Monkeypox, he would have run for his life. Nobody told the dog, and now it also turned out he might get Aids as well, the poor animal. It was a gray hound that could almost run faster than a bullet. The poor skinny running dog got Monkeypox and maybe HIV / Aids from a threesome.

It gets crazier...