Italian Gay Man could be Patient Zero for a New Deadly CHM+ Virus.

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With great fear and anger, I read the news about an Italian man who had recently returned from Spain. The poor gay man discovered he had Coronavirus, HIV, and Monkeypox. After nine days, his symptoms were a sore throat, leisures, blisters all over his body, fatigue, headache, and inflammation in his groin area.

A whistle-blower doctor who wished to stay anonymous claims his anus looked like a popped mushroom covered in funges and blood.

In July, the Italian gay man visited the Spain Pride (MADA) parade, worldwide known for activities with love and excitement. The HIV test of the man indicated that he had a high viral load and preserved CD4 count. He could have swallowed less sperm if he just had the correct information. Why are there no instructions about the amount of cum you can consume and from how many penises? The WHO allows all these massive sex parties and parades, and advice, be careful out there.

Here is where things get weird;...