Ice Cream Chaos with the Boon Brat Kids, Lol.

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Papa Bas Boon is picking up the kids from school. It is a sunny and beautiful day in Isan, Thailand. Time for some ice cream, the Boon kid's favorite.
It is pretty busy at the ice cream place, and when papa comes back outside, the ice cream starts melting quickly under the burning sun.
Papa's hands are slippery from the melted ice, and he accidentally drops some of the ice creams. The kids are not amused and do not look happy. So, papa runs back inside and orders a bunch of new ice-creams. This time he almost runs back to the kids to prevent the ice from melting down.

The kids did not take the excuse from papa Bas lightly and made a plan upon his return with their new treat. They did not eat any. Instead, they attacked the poor father of the Boon family. He drops to the ground and gets bombarded with ice.

Papa swears he never rebuys ice cream for the bunch of rascal brats.

When papa is on his way to get the kids later that day, he sees the neighborhood elephant. He developed a good relationship with the elephant as papa always brings some food for him. The elephant's favorite food is, of course, ice cream.
Mama Rak and grandmother receive fresh eel and prefer this over any ice dessert. The Isan in Thailand always amazes me. Kato Boon wants to pick up eels from the bucket, but mama Rak prevents him from doing so. Kato says a not-so-nice word and gets a lecture from papa.

When the Boon brothers finally leave the house, papa walks to the fridge. He stored a giant Ice cream cake for himself. Papa Bas made a promise to himself. He would eat the whole cake when everybody left.
When papa wants to pick up his cake, it is gone. He asks mama Rak where his cake went and if she knows something. Something is not right here. Papa starts screaming. Funny, Kato is lucky he is not there.