Accidents with the Funny ADHD Boon Brothers.

Watch the video here, kijk hier:

It's one of those days, a roller-coaster of strange events which is not new to the Boon Family. This time the brothers play rough once again, but it leads to disaster. When funny ADHD Kato Boon jumps up and down the couch, he again does not know any fear. While he dives from the high couch, his head hits the floor and causes a massive gash above his eye.

As if that is not enough, a vast hematoma is developing on the head of brat kid Kato Boon. Suddenly it is less funny, and he is crying and in pain. Papa Bas Boon shot another video when little Pam informed him about the accident. When papa Bas arrives, it's a bloodbath. The cut is severely bleeding, and there is blood everywhere.

Papa Bas comes to the rescue and calms down his son. He has seen a lot of cuts being in the fight business for fourth years. The wound needs stitches, so it is time to go with Kato to the hospital again. He had stitches before on his head when he was not even two. His ADHD brings him problems; sometimes, he shocks his parents and friends.

The hospital personnel instructs me to wait in front of the emergency room.
Papa Boon has to wait outside of the surgery emergency. When Kato Boon received his stitches and some injections, he was unhappy. The next day Bas Boon goes back to the hospital with his son the clean the wound and check for the swelling on Kato's head.
It is like nothing happened; little brat kid Kato Boon behaves like he just had a booster shot of ADHD drink. He cannot sit still, toughens anything he should not, and drives the nurses, especially papa, to the edge of desperation. Try not to laugh as it is hysterically funny. Accidents are not supposed to be funny, but Kato's drama is short-lived, and it becomes the Kato Boon show.

When papa comes home with Kato, he can return to the hospital as Conan fell and has an open wound on his elbow. When they are at the hospital, mama drives her car with Ken Boon. Baby Ken also needs his first vaccinations (three months old). The Sawang Dean Din Hospital in Isan, Thailand, has often become a Boon gathering place.

Both brothers Kato and Conan Boon have ADHD, and brother Ken, well, we had seen the belly of mama Rak when she was pregnant. He is the absolute champion for belly kicks and is born five weeks early.
The above event all happened in 24 hours. I decided to leave the bloodiest scenes out of this video. It will cause controversy, and it looks like I am getting my camera to exploit this accident. As I stated before, I was filming another event when it happened. I told everybody to keep filming.
But I decide not to include the footage. It doesn't look perfect, but people can also see the reality of life and how fast Kato and Conan go back to their old behavior, like nothing ever happened.