Energy Crisis, Hunger and Chaos, the Klaus Schwab Effect

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I do not want to sound like a doomsday preacher or prophet. The information I am about to give you is all fact-based. The religious followers can see a similar pattern in signs of the end of times prophecies. Such as the river Euphrates with no water left. According to biblical predictions, the four captured angels from beneath are released when the river is dry, which will cause Billions of people to die, world hunger, energy crisis, and chaos is nearby.

Let’s start with my home country, the Netherlands. The Country is under the complete rule of the WEF Klaus Schwab. Prime minister Rutte is a Schwab lap dog who implements every sentence out of the book “the great reset,” the manual for human destructions written by his Uber lord Klaus Schwab.

Politicians do not give a crap about you, the people, or high food prices.
The politicians do not care about 10 or 50% higher food prices or a 100% energy bill increasement. Puppets in government follow the protocol of the WEF mafia gang in Germany. They care about their paychecks.

Greta Thunberg is a role model, the people with the Ukrainian avatar flags on their social media profiles. The big companies who push the narrative “we stand with Ukraine” do the right thing and suffer for the cause, even if you die. All those people who are now surprised are hypocrites and dumber than dumb. Who cares if hundreds of millions or a billion+ people die from hunger and the cold as long as we are politically correct, mass genocide policies are sound. Remember the banks: you are not getting a loan if you do not go green. Here is were it gets crazy: