SBU Corruption, Is Ukraine winning? And New German Nazis.

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Huge bombshell reports and headlines worldwide show Ukraine is reconquering territory and is now at Russia’s border. Indeed, we all can follow the Kyiv news and repeat their “statement. Or we can listen to Patrick Lancaster, who is at the front. The truth is that the West has sent billions and weaponry plus mercenaries to fight the Russians.

With the unfolding devastating energy crisis in Europe, especially in Germany, there is enormous pressure to show that the Ukraine army is winning this war finally. There are reports of massive corruption on the side of Ukraine and this is not good for the billions of cash flow the Zelensky regime wants to keep receiving.

They accuse Ukrainian government officials of stealing trainloads of US Aid, Money, and Weapons.
The SBU security agency with an anti corruptions agency is doing raids in Ukraine. Ukraine has an anti-corruption agency. Zelensky government officials stole all of the aid. Remember Donald Trump, who wanted to withhold support to Ukraine because he wanted to know if the incoming Zelensky regime was not corrupt? As it is known, Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations on earth.

Report of stolen goods;
Twenty-two massive shipping containers and they stole a whole train with 389 freight cars. Clothing, food, weapons, and additional money. They also steal hundred twenty trucks. Can we still speak about just some robbers stealing, or is this a coordinated government takeover of aid to re-sell all these goods to local retail establishments? Why suddenly now we find out about this massive corruption?

The “thieves” sell through local retail establishments not one single SBU agent noticed this for months, sure.

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