Transgender Madness and Influencers Going Full Retard.

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Cultural Marxism taking over schools and universities has rapidly sped up new groups of people with mental illnesses. The permanently offended community has been brainwashed with Critical Race Theory, socialism, and environmentalism.

These schools promote cultism and fruitcake theories which rape the word of normality and truth. The result is that this generation of LGBTQ, BLM, Antifa, Environmental Extremists, Vegans, and Satanists are reckoning the world. You do not have to look under a rock or behind a curtain for these deranged, mentally insane individuals.

Apple presents a pregnant male emoji showing how schizophrenic the world has become.
I suggest the parents of Willy go to the next school meeting almost naked. Only wear rubber boots, and cover yourself in pig shit while wearing minuscule Sloggi thong underwear. To make a point bring a giant 60 cm thick double dildo and slam it on a table to make your point.

Just make your topic known the way they do. You should feel free to cover yourself in pig feces and smell however you want. Just adapt to their Alice in Wonderland Utopia and explain you are a pig-gender. This way of communication is “the language” they understand. but that....