Is School Not Fun for The Boon Brother Kids?

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Is school Not Fun for The Boon Brother Kids? The last few weeks in Isan, Thailand, before the kids get their long holiday. Kato Boon and Conan keep asking when they will go to Pattaya. They miss the island trips and swimming in the pool. It is getting harder and harder to bring them to school. Itís Wednesday, three more days for the weekend, and Conan Boon and Kato make a scene.

Both Boon Brothers try to drive Papa and Mama crazy.

Little funny bray kid Kato Boon is inventive and creative, and he starts to complain he has a stomach ache and therefore canít go to school. Papa is not buying his act, so he changes tactics, and now he claims to have a headache. This excuse does not work, so it ends in a scream-up.
Both Boon Brothersí kids end up in school despite their protest and drama performance. Once at school, they misbehave. Kato Boon refuses to stand in line and fights with the teacher. Papa Bas tries to calm down the situation. When Papa is leaving, Kato Boon refuses to sit in line on the ground with the other kids, so he sits on a couch.

The next day on Thursday, papa Bas Boon has an idea, he bribes his son with a toy, but he has to behave and sit in line with his classmates. Suddenly there is no act and no drama. Kato promises to behave but wants his toy first.
He visits the principal of his kindergarten school and promises he will stop fighting and misbehaving in his class. When Papa brings Kato to the line of kids, Kato miraculously sits down in the back of the line (with his toy). The teacher also dresses the Toddler in a new shirt as the one he wears is torn apart.

Suddenly out of nowhere, he starts to be a bad boy again.

On the last day of the weekend, the Boon Brothers have been asking the night before and the whole morning when they can go to school. Suddenly the siblings want to go to school. This sudden wish to go to school does not make sense, and Papa smells a rat. Why does his rascal son suddenly want to go to school?
When you find out why funny kid Kato wants to go to school, it is hard not to stop laughing. Our little Hollywood star has to impress certain classmates. Try not to laugh in another great KatoBoonFamily video.