Zelensky, Xi Jinping, Putin, Biden, and The West Playing War Games.

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It is August 4th, 2022, and Amnesty International is coming out with a damaging report about Ukraine. They present evidence that the Zelensky regime is putting military bases in civilian areas. This report accuses Ukraine of war crimes. They operated weapons systems in popular residential areas, schools, and hospitals.

These reports and evidence collaborate with the Video Footage of YouTube journalist Patrick Lancaster, who puts his life on the line daily. These tactics violate international humanitarian law and endanger civilians by turning them into military targets.

I am sure soldiers commit war crimes on both sides of this war. However, this report from Amnesty International reveals that these tactics are not some soldiers who go rogue. The military hiding in hospitals and schools is a strategy that is clearly instructed by the highest military authorities of Ukraine and is not just some incidents.

But all countries have butter on their heads..